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  1. Rules of state organisations. Every state organisation has to follow those rules in order to have a nice gameplay without any inconvenience or misunderstanding. General rules for State 1.1 All staff members are required to comply with established standards. 1.2 It is forbidden to transfer your members of organisation into another organisation. | Verbal warning to the leader Exception: If both leaders of organisations agree for it. 1.3 It is forbidden to accept people with criminal record. 1.4 It is forbidden to drive an armor vehicle in the city without an escort. Note: armored cars like Kuruma, Insurgents, Btr. 1.5 Employees of LSPD have the right to search a car. If the find any illegal weapons or drugs they have the right to confiscate them. All of it should be recorded on the video. 1.6 It is forbidden to search a car without Role play commands /try, /do, /me. 1.7 FIB could take a lead on the special operations if other organistations take part in it. 1.8 Laws are wrote by the government and every state organistation should follow them. 1.9 If there is an emergency state all state organisation must react including: EMS who have to send two emergency cars to the selected point. 1.10 All state organisation must not wear a mask on duty. (Exceptions are special forces of following organisations: FIB / LSPD / LSCSD / USSS / USNG - which are allowed to use on duty ONLY masks available in Warehouse of their organisation). 1.11 All state employees are forbidden to search cars or people without role play commands or if there is not a role play situation. Note: If there is raid all state employees require a search warrant. 1.12 Players that are in a state organisations could play there character as a (bad cop). Note: 4 bad cops are the limit for each state organisation. A player must write biography to become a bad cop which has to be approved by senior curator of state. Note: For using of drugs and taking bribes (up to 20 thousand dollars) there will be IC punishment not OOC (edited) 1.13 The title district of the gang is the place (skull on the map) where the gang is most active, and the title district of the gang is considered as a densely populated criminals place where state employees cannot come without an IC reason (e.g. Raid). 1.14 You have 25 minutes to put a person in jail starting from the moment of cuffing them. (If will be afforded presence of lawyer this time can be increased) | Demorgan 120 min 1.15 Looting in a gun fight is forbidden for state employees | Demorgan 120 min 1.16 Running with a person while he is handcuffed is forbidden | Demorgan 120 min 1.17 It is prohibited to shoot from armoured cars(e.g. Kuruma) | Demorgan 120 min 1.18 EMS employees must not assist unconscious people during an active gunfight. You must leave the area until it is deemed safe. Failure to comply will result in PG, Fear RP, and UB. | Demorgan 120 min 1.19 It is forbidden to put barricades in front of the alarm panel(All markers must be easily reached by gangs). 1.20 Governor must conduct a meeting with all of leaders of state orgs in the official discord voice channel and put a screnshot of an amendment made in the channel called "legislation change"| WARN (to leader) 1.21 Leaders must review the legislation change with the limit of 48 hours | Verbal warning 1.22 If a leader agrees with a legislation changes he has to write approved in the channel called "legislation change" 1.23 A leader cannot disagree to a legislation change without a valid reason. | Verbal Warning 1.24 All of the amendments made should be approved as well by Senior Curator of State which the governor has to tag in the channel "legislation change" | WARN (to leader) 1.25 Every state organisation must do ghetto patrols 3 times in a week(Minimum 8 people) GOVERNMENT 2.1 Employees have the right to use all available means of defense in case of danger to senior officials. 2.2 The government has the right to hold events for citizens of a large-scale nature once a day: a car fair, a trading platform, etc. 2.3 Events of a larger scale should always be co-ordinated with the curator of your faction. 2.4 The government has the right to establish regulations for civilians visiting the Capitol. 2.5 A lawyer has the right to ask for evidence / evidence against the accused and his ask cannot be denied. 2.6 The government has the right to establish regulations for public and private inspections. (no more than 7 checks per week, and no more than 2 checks of one faction per week) 2.7 A government audit has the right to dismiss an employee of a public or private organisation if, after internal review, it has revealed any violations. 2.8 The government is obliged to negotiate all laws and bills with other heads of public and private organizations or representatives appointed by the head of the organization, if the laws affect the work of these public organizations. (Curated by GOV) 2.9 The government has the right to create laws / bills, provided that they do not contradict the RP component or logic in principle. 2.10 The government has no right to use the treasury for personal purposes. 2.11 The government has the power to issue various licenses. The price is regulated by the leader of the organization. 2.12 The government should have at least two lawyers on staff who will be qualified and will be able, if necessary, to represent someones interests. 2.13 The state government is required to conduct small or medium events for state residents at least once every 3 days. EMS 3.1 Hospital staff are obliged to provide assistance to absolutely every player, without exception. 3.2 The chief doctor sets the internal regulations of the hospital, with approval with the government and the curator. 3.3 The chief doctor has the right to check state organizations for any diseases no more than twice in a week per organization. National Guard 4.1 All national guard employees cannot leave Fort Zancudo during their duty. Exception: If leader allows it. 4.2 National guard must follow all state laws 4.3 National guard can arrest a person and deliver to any state organisation except for EMS. 4.4 National guard employees can use weapons in an emergency situations. 4.5 National guard special division can patrol a state for the presence of crime activity. 4.6 Gate watchkeeping time from 12:00 to 22:00.(from 22:00 to 12:00 you can leave gates.) LSPD/LSCSD/FIB 5.1 All those state organisations can arrest a person if they suspected him of a criminal activity. 5.2 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB cannot stop a person, search him or ask for passport without an IC reason. 5.3 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB could use weapons if a role-play situation requires it. 5.4 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB cannot arrest a person while gunfight is not finished. | Verbal Warning. 5.5 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB could patrol ghetto if there are more than two special officers. | Verbal Warning 5.6 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB require to have a bodycam for each arrest. | In the absence of evidence - verbal warning 5.7 If LSPD/LSCSD/FIB employee is attacked, he can request all the forces for supporting him(Code 0) 5.8 It is forbidden to remove masks from critically wounded criminals. | Demorgan – 300 minutes. 5.9 It is allowed to unmask only for identification and further detention, as well as for entering a person into the state database. 5.10 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB employees are obliged to use for calls only official transport.(Use of your own car is strictly prohibited.) | Verbal warning. Exception: Undercover officers may discreetly go out on calls to further investigation and track the suspect. (No arrest, except FIB department) 5.11 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB/USNG/GOV/EMS employees cannot use official vehicles for personal use. | Verbal warning. 5.12 LSPD/LSCSD/FIB employees cannot stop EMS employees in case of their movement on calls. (Exception: special operation). | Demorgan 120 minutes Raid description Raid - FIB, Central Police, USNG and LSCSD officers take part in the raid. The essence of the raid is to form a special formation from the employees of these factions. The tasks of the raid are to search the territory that belongs to a criminal organization. During a raid, employees of a government organization can arrest suspicious individuals for further interaction. You need an IC reason to run a raid. In a case of a successful raid, 30% of the weapons will be withdrawn from the gang's warehouse, the arsenal will be disposed. Grounds for raids: - Frequent violations of state and county laws by people from criminal organizations. - Carrying out a terrorist act or actions. - Taking hostage of employees of state organizations or civilians - Investigation The material that is collected into a case file should be stored for 4-7 days. General rules for Raid 6.1 It is forbidden to do raid without a serious IC reason(e.g. Case file). 6.2 It is forbidden to leave a game while there is a raid. 6.3 Raids are carried out on the territory of a criminal organization or group. 6.4 During the raid state employees can search any person on the territory of the raid. 6.5 There has to be a minimum of 20 state employees who take a part in the raid. 6.6 Each state organisation can do a raid no more than once in 48 hours. 6.7 Prime time for raids 19:00 to 00:00 6.8 Raid warrant is issued by the Attorney Generals Office: Attorney General and / or his deputy / governor, in the absence of an active government, the raid warrant is issued by the head of the FIB department. 6.9 It is allowed to search vehicles located on the territory of the criminal faction. 6.10 PDA is counting as an OOC information. In case if you found a wanted criminal and want to arrest him , you have to ask him to show his passport for identifying.(In case if he refused to show passport, state employees have all rights to arrest him for identifying)
  2. Account ownership 1.1 Created account is property of the creator, your account cannot be shared or traded. | PERMANENT BAN 1.2 Player is fully responsible for his account. The administration of FiveLive does not carry the responsibility for your own account. When access to account is lost (e.g. being hacked), your account will face the same punishments. 1.3 Any fraud against players is prohibited | PERMANENT BAN and we do not compensate lost money. 1.4 It is forbidden to have more than 1 additional account(Twinking) | Permanent ban to all accounts except main account. Main account will get ban up to 60 days 1.5 It is forbidden to have more than 1 business, including additional accounts. 1 person – 1 business. | Ban 30 days each account 1.6 The attempt to sell/buy game property for real money is prohibited | PERMANENT BAN 1.7 It is forbidden to transfer property as a gift (including neon shoes), whose total amount exceeds $5.000.000(You are allowed to receive 5.000.000$ and transfer 5.000.000$ per day.)(It is allowed to withdraw/deposit money from/to family balance.) | Ban 60 days 1.8 It is prohibited to interact between your main account and twink. Any transfer of property or money will lead to PERMANENT ban of both accounts. 1.9 It is forbidden to evade our systems of selling/buying. If you evading TAX(e.g. selling/buying/trading house/items/cars/clothes for 1k and then taking money) | Ban 60 days Nickname creation 2.1 Names must be realistic, relate to names in the real world, and cannot be used names of famous persons. | Jail 10 min and change nickname Rules of communication 3.1 Insulting of the person (OOC) is strictly prohibited |Mute 180 minutes or ban up to 7 days. 3.2 Parents should not be mentioned in all chats, including voice | Mute 180 minutes or ban up to 7 days. 3.3 All players must be able to communicate in English and IC chat must be English only.(Other languages may be used in private only if everyone who can see has agreed to it.) | Mute 120 min Hacking and use of software 4.1 Players must not have any kind of software that gives any advantage.(Disabling drug`s effect, hacks, bots etc.) | Ban 60 days Rules about how to deal with administration 5.1 It is strictly prohibited to use report for questions that are not related to the game or problems on the server. | Mute 20-60 minutes 5.2 All players must be adequate while communicating with the administration. In case of disagreement with the decision of the administration - leave the complaint for consideration to the chief administrator. 5.3 Insulting the administration is strictly prohibited. Complaint is the best way to achieve justice. | Otherwise - ban 7 days Rules of play 6.1 Incorrect use of the /me /do /try /todo commands is prohibited. The player is obliged to play only the truth. Note: /try can only be used 2 times per situation. 6.2 It is forbidden to leave the RP situation by refusing to continue the RP situation, not accepting / refusing first aid, leaving the game, AFK or entering in an interior and etc. | WARN 6.3 It is forbidden to empty the warehouse of the organisation for personal purposes. | Permanent ban 6.4 It is forbidden to play the bad side of an employee of state structures (for example: a bad cop, a politician) without having an RP biography. | WARN 6.5 It is prohibited to do any criminal acts against EMS employees.(Kill, rob and etc.) | WARN 6.6 Forbidden to heal and loot in the gunfight. | Jail 60 min 6.7 If you got killed you cannot go back in a fight for 15 minutes. | WARN 6.8 It is restricted to do any amoral actions in relation to an unconscious person(e.g. spitting, sexual animations and etc) | BAN 3-7 days 6.9 It is restricted to do any sexual actions in relation to any person.(It is allowed to leave in case if you are a victim of sexual harassment(RP rape) etc) | BAN 3-7 days 6.10 It is prohibited to move IC situations to OOC(e.g Insulting someone in Discord Chat relating to an IC situation). Any instances of this will be punished in Discord as well as In-Game Bans. | Ban 1-7 days 6.11 It is forbidden to play on an additional account (TWINK) for the "vice versa" organization. If your main account is member of STATE and your TWINK (2nd account) can be member only of state organizations - if main account is in GANG (criminal organization) and TWINK can be only member of gangs. | WARN for both accounts 6.12 Harassing EMS employee during duty or showing inappropriate behaviour in relation to EMS employees is restricted (Exception - EMS employee was disrespectful) | Ban up to 7 days 6.13 It is restricted to kill person who is unconscious to help him to avoid RP situation(Mercy killing). | Demorgan 120 min or WARN 6.14 It is allowed to rob from inventory ONLY Ammunition, Guns, any armor(Gang,FIB, LSPD etc.), balaclava and Drugs. MONEY can be robbed - only using system functionality of gangs. | Ban 1-7 days 6.15 When outside the GHETTO you must engage in RP before shooting someone. For example issue them demands and if they do not listen to your demands within 5 seconds you can shoot them. | WARN 6.16 During robbery of person, armoured car, trucks (any kind of transport) must be atleast 2 cars and 4 persons to stop them and rob. In case if they did not stop it is considered as "Power Gaming" | Jail 120 min or WARN 6.17 It is forbidden to use OBS and any similar softwares for recordings. All overlays must be recorded. | Ban 30 days 6.18 It is forbidden to use helicopters to gain access to roofs that cannot be accessed by foot or ladder. | Jail 120 min 6.19 F-words and N-words are restricted. | Ban 1-3 days 6.20 Muting other players, what leads to avoiding RP shall not exempt from liability to punishment and falls under Fail RP. | Warn 6.21 It is forbidden to abuse armored cars(impossible to shoot players inside) | Warn 6.22 It is forbidden to sell/buy family businesses or withdraw/deposit money on/from fam balance without fam leaders approval, as well taking from warehouse and family cars (It falls under rule of scam 1.3) 6.23 Any kind of bug abuse is forbidden | BAN up to PERMANENT RolePlay terms Roleplay - The acting out or performance of a regular person ingame (e.g acting like a regular civilian, a gangster, Hispanic, African American, etc.) In Character (IC) - In Character is your characters roleplay, this is his/her actions and words being said. Out of Character (OOC) - Out of Character is when you, as a player are talking or doing actions outside of In Character actions. Examples are talking in /b (OOC chat) about topics that are not related to your In Character roleplay. Metagaming (MG) - Using information you have gotten from Out of Character ways and using it In Character. e.g Using private messages to tell your friend your character is in trouble at a certain location. Inciting someone to metagame is also against the rules. This includes emoting information that other people have no reason to currently know — your /me's and /do's should not state what others cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste. Using VoIP programs such as Teamspeak, Skype, Discord and Ventrilo to communicate IC whilst in-game is strictly forbidden. Powergaming (PG) - Powergaming can be defined as performing acts that are not humanlike; forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance; making up things which did not happen so that you can benefit; roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise so that you can gain an unfair advantage. Roleplaying unrealistic things that wouldnt happen in the real world and not allowing others to react to your roleplay. Deathmatching (DM) - Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed. Non-RP - Doing things that are considered not sufficient to be considered good standard roleplay depending on the situation at hand. e.g running around a crime scene for no reason, dancing and screaming in a trollish manner in a serious situation, not roleplaying fear appropriately in situations realistically. Revenge Killing (RK) - This is when a player who has fully died (or has been Player Killed) respawns and sets out to kill the person/people who killed them. This is not allowed because the player who died has no recollection/memory of the event happening. Car Ramming - Using a vehicle to crash into people or vehicles. Provoking - Purposely annoying/irritating players to get a reaction from them. Unrealistic Behavior (UB) - Actions that are unrealistic or hurt the roleplay (RP) experience of other players are considered as Non-roleplay.
  3. Teknik bölüm, oyun anlarında size yardım olmaj içindir. Herhangi bir oyuncunun giriş ile ilgili veya diğer sorunları varsa, bu bölümde bir konu oluşturabilir. Ve kesinlikle size cevap verilecektir. Lütfen forumun tüm kurallarına uyun. Başvuru formunu inceleyin: 1. Nickiniz: 2. Logininiz: 3. Sorunuz / sorununuz: 4. Toplam kayıp miktarı: 5. Ekran görüntüsü veya video(varsa): 6. Tarih: Yasaklananlar listesi: - Offtop; - Herhangi bir hakaret; - Konuların çoğaltılması; - Aldatma ve yanıltma girişimleri. Dikkat! - 3000 $ 'dan az olan miktarlar geri alınamaz. - Teknik bölümün idaresinin takdirine bağlı olarak kritik bir kayıp olmadıkça, seviye geri yüklenmez. - Herhangi bir iş sırasında kayıp alma işlemi gerçekleştirdiyseniz, yalnızca teknik durumda (örneğin: sunucunun planlanmamış yeniden başlatılması) kayıp geri alınamaz. Bildirme süresi olaydan sonraki 24 saate kadardır. Sonrasında bildirilen kayıplar geri verilmez.
  4. ADAYLAR İÇİN KRİTERLER: - EN AZ 16 YAŞINDA OLMAK İÇİN (İSTİSNALAR HARİÇ) - DEVLET KURULUŞLARINDA DENEYİM SAHİBİ OLMAK - YÜKSEK ÇEVRİMİÇİ SAATİ OLMASI - SUNUCU KURALLARINI BİLMESİ IC Bilgi: 1. Tam adı (İsim_Soyisim): 2. Eyalette ikamet ettiği yıl sayısı: 3. Biyografiniz (varsa): OOC Bilgi: 1. Adınız ve soyadınız: 2. Yaşınız: 3. İkamet ettiğiniz Ülke/Şehir: 4. Faaliyet türü (İş / çalışma): 5. Saat diliminiz: 6. Günde çevrimiçi saati(sunucuda): 7. On puanlık bir ölçekte oyun bilgisi: 8. Liderlik pozisyonunda hangi hedefleriniz var: 9. GTA V'deki oyun deneyiminiz: 10. Yönetim pozisyonlarındaki deneyimleriniz: 11. Kendiniz hakkında biraz bilgi verin: 12. Onaylanmış siyasi partiniz: 13. Discord(NickName#**):
  5. BİRİNCİL ÖZELLİKLER 1.1. Herkes mevcut siyasi parti kayıt kurallarına dayanarak bir siyasi parti oluşturabilir. 1.2. Eyalet valisi seçimlerine katılmak için adayların seçimlere katılma başvurusunda bulunmaları ve siyasi partilerinin onayını almaları gerekmektedir. 1.3. Seçimlerde siyasi parti adayı için daha fazla oy toplayan siyasi parti temsilcileri eyalet valisi pozisyonuna atanabilir. 1.3. Bir siyasi parti sadece partinin ana liderinin kararı, mahkeme kararı ve proje yönetimi tarafından kapatılabilir. 1.4. Herhangi bir siyasi parti, proje yardımı olmadan her şeyi kendi başına yapar. 1.5. Siyasi partilerden aday adaylığı şu şekilde gerçekleşir: 1.5.1. Siyasi partinin proje yönetimi tarafından onaylanması, olumlu bir cevap olması durumunda, siyasi partiden bir adayın çağrılmasına izin verilir. 1.5.2. Siyasi parti adayını çağırıp sunucu bilgisi kontrol edilir. 1.5.3. Halkın seçim kampanyası [IC etkinliği]. 1.5.4. Seçim dönemi. Halk oylaması. 1.5.5. Valinin atanması ve siyasi partinin onaylanması. Not: 1. Aday görüşmeyi başarılı bir şekilde geçti ise 1.5.3. ve 1.5.4. kuralları atlanabilir. 2. Siyasi partinin adaylarından herhangi biri görüşmeyi geçemediyse, adımlar tekrarlanır ( yani belirlenen koşullar tekrarlanır). VALİ ADAYLARI İÇİN ŞARTLAR 2.1. Eyalet valisi adayının eyalet topraklarında en az 10 yıl ikamet etmesi gerekmektedir [IC]. 2.2. Eyalet valisi adayının en az 25 yaşında olması gerekmektedir [IC]. 2.3. Eyalet valisi adayının, karakterinin biyografisini, bu bölümde proje yönetimi tarafından resmileştirilmiş ve onaylanmış olması gerekmektedir: link. 2.4. Eyalet valisi adayının sabıka kaydı veya yasa ile ilgili bir sorunu olmamalıdır [IC]. SİYASİ PARTİNİN KAYDI 3.1. Siyasi partinin kaydı forum aracılığıyla yapılır, bu bölümde bir link vardır. 3.2. Siyasi parti konusu kesinlikle partilerin kayıt düzenine göre çerçevelenmelidir. 3.3. Diğer oyunculara ve partilere küfür etmek/hakaret etmek yasaktır ve örtülü olarak yasaklanmış herhangi bir eylem yasaktır. 3.4. Eyalet valiliği seçimlerine katılmak için bir siyasi partide 5 kişi olmalı. 3.5. Sunucuya kayıtlı olmayan ve eyalet valisi için gerekli şartları karşılamayan bir vali adayı belirtmek yasaktır. 3.6. Seçim için onaylandıktan sonra adayı değiştirmek yasaktır. 3.7. Adayın suç örgütlerinden biri olması durumunda sandık başına başvurması yasaktır. 3.8. Siyasi partinin lideri, siyasi partinin üyelerinden doğrudan sorumludur. SİYASİ PARTİLERİN OLUŞTURULMASI 4.1. Konunun adı [Parti Sınıflandırması] Partinin adı 4.2. Partilerin sınıflandırılması: Demokrat parti - Sosyal demokrat parti - Cumhuriyetçi Parti - Liberal Parti - Komünist Parti - Milliyetçi Parti 4.2. Partinizin sınıflandırması yukarıdaki listeden seçilmelidir. Parti adı zaten kullanılmışsa, aynı adlara sahip partiler oluşturmak yasaktır. 4.3. Her siyasi partide olması gerekenler 4.3.1. Siyasi partinin arması ve sembolü. 4.3.2. Siyasi partinin sloganı. 4.3.3. Siyasi parti hakkında temel bilgiler. 4.3.4. Siyasi partinin hedeflerini belirleyen ana liste. 4.3.5. Siyasi partinin tüzüğü. 4.3.6. Siyasi partinin genel merkezi. 4.3.7. Siyasi parti üyelerinin listesi, hiyerarşi, iletişim bilgileri ve partinin ana üyelerinin biyografisi. 4.3.8. Ek bilgi.
  6. Technical section serves to help in game moments, if anyone has problems with the launch and other problems, you can create a topic in this section and you will be certainly answered. Please observe all the rules of the forum. Read the application form: 1. Your nickname: 2. Your login: 3. Your question/problem: 4. Total loss amount 5. Screenshot or video(if any): 6. Date: Prohibited: - Offtop; - Any offencive language; - Duplicate topics; - Any attempts to deceive or mislead. ATTENTION! - Amounts less than $3000 cannot be restored. - Experience is not restored, unless critical loss at the discretion of the administration of the technical section. - If you have a local rollback during any work, the loss is not recoverable, only in case of technical rollback (for example: unscheduled server restart). The deadline to apply from the moment of the incident is 24 hours
  7. In this section you will find useful information about RolePlay wagering and their description on our project Command /me The command denotes the third-person wagering of your character's actions. Note: Actions that have animation do not need to be played back. Rules of wagering: the team is played with a small letter, in the present tense. Example of wagering: /me takes out a pen with a quick movement of his right hand, throws it into a puddle /me looks at the man with the scar on his face /me takes a knife out of his pocket, goes to the man, cuts off the mask Example of incorrect wagering: /me washes the floor [1/3] /me sits down /me Searches the person opposite, pops the top layer of clothing. / me took a knife from his pocket, cut off the mask Command /do Describes the state of your character and the objects around you. With this command, you can ask questions to other players about their state, or the state of objects nearby. Wagering rules: the command is played with a capital letter and with a dot at the end of the sentence (question mark). It is forbidden to win back in your favor, to win back an action for another character. Example of wagering: /do There is a pitcher full of water on the table in front of you. /do Is the person lying on the ground injured? /do What was found? Example of incorrect wagering: /do Process... /do The person opposite lies dead(Third-person wagering). Command /try The command is used in situations where there may be multiple event outcomes. Wagering rules: the team is played with a small letter without punctuation marks at the end. It is forbidden to use this command several times in a row. If you still have [Failed] - play a few actions with the command /me, and then repeat the play /try. Example of wagering: /try took the weapon and fired a couple of shots at the target. All the bullets hit the target Example of incorrect wagering: /try took the weapon and made a couple of shots, thereby hitting the target [Unsuccessful] /try took the weapon and fired the shot, thus hitting the target [Failed] / try took out his ID card from his pocket Command /todo /todo [text of speech*action] - playing an action performed simultaneously with the speech. Used in the same way as the /me command. Rules of wagering: the first part (text of speech) is played with a capital letter, then the second part (action) it is played with a small letter identical to /me. Example of wagering: /todo Welcome!* holding out your hand to the person opposite. Example of incorrect wagering: /todo Greetings*extended a hand to the person opposite
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